Family: Phryganeidae

Giant Case-maker Caddisflies

These photos supplement pages 119-135 of the Guide to Aquatic Invertebrates of the Upper Midwest. Information on the biology of Phryganeidae can be found on page 132. Phryganeidae have a sclerotized pronotom, but a membranous meso and meta notum. The dorsum of segment 9 is sclerotized. The main identifying characters are the prosternal horn and dorsal and lateral humps on abdominal segment 1. To see the prosternal horn, you need to move the prothoracic legs. Phryganeids build cases out of plant fragments. The cases vary greatly in appearance.




Phryganeidae thorax


Phryganeidae segment 9


Phryganeidae segment 1


Phryganeidae horn