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Chironomidae Research Group

Chironomids, commonly called “midges,” are a family of small flies whose larval and pupal stages are mainly aquatic. They are so diverse and widespread that they can live in most climates and a wide range of water qualities. We want to make our research and services available to both the public and scientific communities. Please explore our website to learn more about the people and projects in the Chironomidae Research Group.

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Members of our group have been active at regional, state national and international levels. Many of our projects focus on issues related to water quality and management of aquatic resources. We also have worked with scientific organizations to develop workshops and research symposia. In 2003, we organized and hosted an international symposium dealing with chironomids. The symposium was conducted on the campus of the University of Minnesota and was attended by delegates from 28 countries. For more information about the symposium, including a list of delegates and titles of their presentations, visit the following web page: XV International Symposium on Chironomidae.

A Proceedings of the conference was published and can be obtained upon request. Contact Will Bouchard ([email protected]) for information. The publication is free, but there is a handling and postage fee.

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Lenard C. Ferrington, Jr.
Leonard C. Ferrington, Jr. (1948-2021): The Founder of the Chironomidae Research Group