Volunteer Stream Monitoring Interactive Verification Program (VSM-IVP)

Developed by Moriya M. Rufer and Leonard C. Ferrington, Jr.
Version 1: Sept. 2006

This web page will serve as your entry to interactive pages to verify identifications of aquatic insects to the Family level. Pictures are provided for you to match to your specimen. Please begin by clicking on an order to the right. Subsequent levels will help you navigate to the Family that you have.

Aquatic insects are fascinating creatures and are very important to lakes, rivers and streams. They do everything from filtering particles out of the water, to eating algae, to being food for fish and other aquatic animals. Some aquatic insects live in the water for their whole life, while others live in the water for only part of their life.

This interactive verification program was made possible through the University of Minnesota Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) Grant Program in order to aid citizens monitoring groups in the identification of aquatic insects.

All photographs in this version of the VSM-IVP were taken by Moriya M. Rufer except as otherwise noted in the captions.


cover of Identification Manual for Students, Citizen Monitors, and Aquatic Resource Professionals

You may order a beautiful bound hardcopy of The Guide to the Aquatic Invertebrates of the Upper Midwest. You may also visit the Volunteer Stream Monitoring Program (VSMP) website for more information on becoming involved or designing a monitoring program.