Family: Molannidae

Hood Case-maker Caddisflies

These photos supplement pages 119-135 of the Guide to Aquatic Invertebrates of the Upper Midwest. Information on the biology of Molannidae can be found on page 131. Molannidae have a sclerotized pronotum and mesonotum and a membranous metanotum. In late instars, their metathoracic claws are short and covered with setae. The most common genus in Minnesota, Molanna, has 2 large spines projecting posteriorly from the end of the abdomen. Molannidae build cases that are relatively flat with a hood on one end. These cases are diagnostic as other caddisflies don’t build cases with hoods.




Molannidae thorax


Molannidae claw


Molannidae terminus


Molannidae antenna


Molannidae case