Family: Glossosomatidae

Saddle Case-Maker Caddisflies

These photos supplement pages 119-135 of the Guide to Aquatic Invertebrates of the Upper Midwest. Information on the biology of Glossosomatidae can be found on page 127. Glossosomatidae have a sclerotized pronotom, but a membranous meso and meta notum. The dorsum of segment 9 is sclerotized. The main identifying characters are the lack of prosternal horn and dorsal and lateral humps on abdominal segment 1 (compare with Phryganeidae) and the fact that their anal prolegs are joined to abdominal segment 9 (compare with Rhyacophilidae). Glossosomatidae build tortoise shell-shaped cases out of stones. These cases are diagnostic because all Glossosomatidae build tortoise shell-shaped cases of stones and no other caddisflies build them in this shape.




Glossosomatidae thorax


Glossosomatidae anal legs


Glossosomatidae anal leg


Glossosomatidae full body