Family: Brachycentridae

Humpless Case-maker Caddisflies

These photos supplement pages 119-135 of the Guide to Aquatic Invertebrates of the Upper Midwest. Information on the biology of Brachycentridae can be found on page 127. Brachycentridae have a sclerotized pronotum and mesonotum and a membranous metanotum (there are some small plates present). Their antennae are so small they are barely visible and their metatarsal claws are longer than the claws on the other legs. Their main identifying character is that they abdominal segment 1 lacks a hump, and their pronotum is divided by a crease. Brachycentrids build cases from strips of material, which are assembled into an elongate case with four sides (most common) or rounded sides. These cases are not diagnostic as they are similar to other families of caddisflies.




Brachycentridae metatarsil claws


Brachycentridae pronotum crease


Brachycentridae case