Guide to Aquatic Invertebrate Families of Mongolia Identification Manual for Students, Citizen Monitors, and Aquatic Resource Professionals

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R.W. Bouchard, Jr.

This taxonomic guide will permit identification of macroinvertebrates to the family level and is intended for use by students, teachers, other volunteers, or anyone who requires that level of identification. It is designed to help volunteers strengthen their identification skills and, in conjunction with a well-designed monitoring program and proper field protocols, will improve the quality of biological data that can be used for decision-making.

February 5, 2009
The guide to Mongolian aquatic invertebrate families is modified from a guide developed for the Upper Midwest of North America. Most of the illustrations in both guides are from species that occur in North America and in many cases are not known from Mongolia. In addition, the keys were also originally developed with North American taxa in mind. Despite this, many of the families and even genera occur in both North America and Mongolia and most illustrations and characters used in keys should be appropriate. I have added families known from Mongolia that were not included in the guide to invertebrates in the Upper Midwest of North America. However, corrections and additions may still be needed to make the guide complete and accurate for use in Mongolia.


Mongolian stream

Drafts of three chapters (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera) are currently available (see links below). The purpose of distributing these draft chapters is to get feedback from users and experts on taxa that may need to be added or other changes that are needed. Additional chapters will be made available soon.

June 17, 2009 
Drafts for all chapters are now available. Links below are PDF files.

Please contact Will Bouchard ([email protected]) if you corrections, additions, or comments.


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