Hanna Lisa Leffever

Hanna Lisa Leffever

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B.S in Forest Engineering (July 2017)

Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRRJ, Seropédica, Brazil

B.S in Forestry (one year exchange program)

Southern Illinois University, SIU, Carbondale, Illinois


I am an exchange student from Brazil, and a participant of the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP), which provides more than 100,000 of the best students to study and intern abroad. The program is sponsored by CAPES (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior) and is administered in the United States by the Institute of International Education (IIE).


Hanna Lisa Leffever

Since I was a child I have always be interest in biology, I remember that I used to collect beetles at my grandmother’s yard. Earlier I was more into the chemistry area, but now I have returned to the biology field. I want to learn as much as possible of this area, which is so wide and full of different possibilities.

Taking this in consideration I took advantage of this year that I am studying at United States to learn a lot things about different fields related to my major. During summer 2015, I have the opportunity to learn more about Chironomidae and participate in the SLICE lakes project with the people of the Chironomidae Research Group. Being part of this research group will give new perspectives to me on the importance of aquatic insects in ecology of aquatic systems. I intend to use all the knowledge acquired during this time and continue this work when I return to my country.